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Our Story

Meet Adam and Erin, your Husband and Wife Duo!

Erin Yeomans was born in San Diego, CA with a huge passion for helping people both physically, mentally and spiritually. Erin graduated from CSUN in Television, and soon found her love and gifts in Health. She has been working in the fitness industry as a celebrity health and wellness coach for 15 years and specializes in nutrition. She has worked with some of the most top athletes, celebrities and created specialized programs for diabetics, cancer heart disease, and obesity. Erin’s programs have been recognized all over the world, including fitness DVD’s, NBC Boot Camp Series on Demand, American Ninja Warrior, Public speaker, American Diabetes affiliate, American Cancer Society advocate, NPC competitor and Triathlete. Her mission is to spread the love of health and Fitness education, and most importantly give back. With a little faith anything is possible with Erin.  

Adam Sabari was born in Siesta Key, Florida. He is a former baseball and football player with an extensive background in strength/conditioning training. After being drafted by the Boston Red Sox out of High School, he elected to play collegiate baseball and continued his education. After graduating from Florida Atlantic University, he established a career in the medical industry for 7 years. With this he collected a plethora of anatomy, preventative health and wellness training. After discovering his passion to help and inspire other individuals, he became Director of Sales and Head Male Coach at Erin's Fitness Club. Adam has also been working out since he was 14 years old consistently. He looks forward to helping and enlightening other people's lives on the path to a healthy lifestyle.

As your coaches, we have all gone down different paths and have had a wide array of individual experiences. Sometimes life gets complicated or hard to deal with in certain aspects. We want to be your light on the vessel to total overall health and wellness. The past is yesterday and you are here now! The journey starts with one click to a bountiful future. Join our team today and live the life you have always wanted!

Live life, remove guilt and give back. .

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